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"He's always in a good mood. He does it on purpose to irritate me" -Army supervisor to another non-com

Profile: Quick facts about me.
Age: 27 ... getting old
Location: Fayetteville, NC
Occupation: US Army paratrooper. Infantry Scout/Sniper.
Unit: 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment "Strike Hold"
Interests: Martial Arts, Military science, Technology, Psychology, Criminology, People, Law Enforcement.
Reading for a missionWho I am depends pretty much on how you met me, and how you know me. To most people I will appear to be a notoriously polite gentleman. To others I will be an irritatingly humorous soldier, who feels the need to laugh when life is sucking at sub-freezing temperatures in the back of a humvee. To others, those who would use force against the weak to inflict terror, I'm a humorless nightmare who constantly learns to become better at his craft. I can be very cold, humorless, and serious. I don't kid around with my job.       

Right: Gearing up for work in Iraq.

Picture of me in a tieDown to the core I am a very private person and even though I have a web site and have lot's of friends that "know" me, few people know much about me. I am a very deep and spiritual person.  I'm not ashamed to love my family, friends and country.

Left: In Texas at a friend's graduation. A rare shot of me in a tie. Before the Army.
Working out at the schoolI love martial arts because of the merging of mind and body into one fluid motion. Some of the most important of life's lessons like humility, dedication and respect, have been learned on this mat. I love learning and teaching. As a child I was extremely ill tempered. Now, I can't remember the last time I was mad.

Right: I always learn from those that I teach. Here with one of my favorite students.
I've written this "about me" page several times in the past. But as I sit here shivering in my room in Iraq, I'm drawing a blank this time. Reading what I've written in the past makes me realize how much I've changed, and how much I haven't. I'm still the same old stubborn man who will laugh the whole time that things aren't going his way, because he knows one way or another he won't quit. I still have the same sarcastic sense of humor. And I still laugh to myself when my friends try to be hardcore. I still feel that there are millions of things that I haven't learned yet that have to be learned "immediately". I still feel that I am not being productive unless I am working at something. I can guarantee with 99% accuracy, that I am the only infantryman creating a website part time, and in war full time, in the US Army.  I'm just used to working. And once I start working. It has to be done right. Hence, what started as "minor" adjustments to the website, ended up in a full blown redesign. I still hate talking about myself...
So I'll quit.
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