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"Draw your swords, and defend your homes"
-Homer Argerious in the Greek Chronicles

A contact weapon is any device either designed, or improvised to cause harm to an opponent through physical contact. Sticks and blades are the most common, but almost anything can be improvised to function as a contact weapon.
Violent acts are often accompanied by weapons of all types. Knives and bats are common in robberies, muggings, rape, and violent assault.
 Where you "think" you are protected by gun laws, you are subject to the same violence, just a different tool. In reality, laws do little to limit the arsenals of criminals, since they live outside the law to begin with. Think about the laws in your state. You think criminals go through background checks to buy guns? or read the law regarding blade length and concealment? No, you are the one limited in what you can carry. They can have it all.
It is important to understand the basics of these weapons, how they work and how to use them, in case that you end up in possession of one, to further defend yourself.

Left: Guns and knives are the most common method employed in muggings. In many ways a knife is a much more dangerous threat.

Contact weapons were the tools of choice for soldiers long before firearms existed.

Weapons function on the same principles as empty hand combat. When a person is "armed", weapons just function as an extension of that person. The movements require little to no modification to employ a weapon.
In the series Fin attacks Garm with a collapsible baton.

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