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"Any gun will do, if you will do" -Frontsight motto

Firearms are tools designed to launch a projectile at a high rate of speed. Just like any other type of self defense training, you should prepare yourself not only to defend yourself, but also to have an understanding of these weapons in general. Firearms are a responsibility and everyone around them should be familiar in safe handling. You don't want to be wondering how to keep it from firing when it's pointed at you. Just like any other combat skill, firearms proficiency has a science to it, and it is definitely a perishable skill. Left: Misha drills the 50 meter target during mandatory (by me) firearms training. The target died... eventually... from boredom.
Left: An Iraqui flag as seen from my sniper rifle scope while deployed in Fallujah in 03.


"You with the hot lips! you're under arrest!"

Left: Today I would probably have a hard time with the Barrett .50 cal sniper rifle, even though I'm still great with a pistol or carbine. Skills fade, so it is important to maintain proficiency. If your job entails carrying a gun, or teaching to shoot, you better be proficient.