In loving memory

Yann Johnson
My brother My best friend,
You will always be family to me

In loving memory of

MARCH 31, 1979 - JUNE 15, 2002

"My brother's gone,
and I feel I can't go on...
my brothers gone
and I'd give my very life to save  his own

All the things we did are gone,
all the laughter is all gone
all the tears I cried are gone gone gone...
my brother's gone..."
                                                    EB July 15 2001

Yann and I in high school 1994

Yann decked out as a priest for career day
"father I have sinned"

Yann manning an antiaircraft battery aboard a Navy ship during a Chorale trip in high school 1997

I met Yann Johnson in September of 1994. I had just but settled in to my new surroundings, when when the dean of boys asked him to show me where the nursing home of the boarding school was located. Within 15 minutes we were in  trouble... and so it was ever since. I guarded him with my life ever since. And I wasn't the only one either. Yann was never a huge guy and there were meaner, bigger, less skinny guys at our school, and Yann had sometimes the inherent ability to annoy the crap out of people when he wanted to... but they never dared touch him. With time he picked up some of my skills in the things that I am good at and  I have extremely fond memories of us hanging upside down, under over and through everything and everywhere we weren't supposed to be in high school. We eventually adopted Joel ,Dave, and Karen our last year at LBA forming our little "unit" of operators called Orion. I know that we must have caused endless headaches to our dean and other members of the staff at our school, but we never had any malice towards no one. And actually we all loved our dean dearly... we were just a little more imaginative than most students, and we just did not do good placed in such a restrictive environment.  Looking back upon all this, it all appears very foolish to me... and insignificant compared to the kind of things that I do today. Regardless, the world is much smaller when you are a teenager, and in a smaller world small things are a lot more important. We all laugh and tell and retell the stories of our exploits over and over every time that we get together.
I am by nature more of a reclusive person than Yann was. This is not to say that I am antisocial at all, but sometimes I am very driven and I get carried away with some great "project" or "idea". When I get something in my head, it is very hard for me to give it up... and I usually will not quit until I get it. I am just stubborn that way. I also move an awful lot... I have never lived in the same place for over three years. I live 4,000 miles away from my family. All of these things have made it difficult at times to maintain relationships... and I can remember many times when Yann was my only friend and family around. But he was always there. I cannot remember a single problem or situation that I have had for the last eight years that he was not aware of. He was the only person alive that actually knew everything about me. And I knew everything about him. He is the only one that understood what words like orion, omega, delta, thundercloud, overlord, and trees meant. I could talk to him in a room full of people and say incoherent things in english and he would understand everything that I was trying to say. We were always asked if we were brothers. His mother  to this day calls us the "twins", because of how similar and close we were.
I miss him dearly.

"You will always be with me brother. Rest in peace, I've got your back"