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"Let's roll" -Todd Beamer aboard United flight 93

Martial art is the oldest profession and skill known to man. Even before there was civilization, arts, culture and music... there was combat. Man had to learn to survive from the moment of his advent upon earth. He had to fight beast and man alike in order to survive.  He had to adapt and create weapons with which he could defend himself and survive. Martial arts is about every and any man that faces combat, from the novice martial artist in the dojo, to the General on the battlefield. Man has always adapted, and hence the skill, training and end result of that adaptation of combat is generally understood as martial arts.

Martial arts is not about senseless violence, as some "learned individuals" would have you know. But actually, about acquiring skills to stay alive and become successful at life. Good martial artists are generally successful people. The discipline that you develop by learning to master yourself goes far beyond the doors of the school that you train at. Courage, respect, discipline, honor, integrity... it all goes with you wherever you go, work, school, home... The same attributes that make you successful at martial arts will make you successful as anything else. You learn to apply your "self".

You also get a great physical workout, if you train correctly, when training in martial arts. Today's fad crazy society knows lots about miracle diets and weight loss programs, but very little about the simple element on which all that is based: regular exercise. There is no health or weight loss without it period. I could easily create many pages on why it is important to exercise regularly, or why martial arts is an excellent source of exercise and health, but I trust that in today's society you  have heard it all before... you don't need me to tell you to exercise.      

Even more important than the obvious physiological benefits of the martial arts, is the mental unavoidable benefits that derive from it. Unlike many other disciplines in our lives, that allow us to fall short of the mark and continue to exist, it is impossible to progress in the martial arts while cutting ourselves sympathy slack. If you have not put forth the effort to elevate your skill to the next level, you simply will not advance. This development of character allows us to foster persistence in all aspects of our lives

Picture of Barbarian swordman Martial: Noun "Pertaining to war or combat"
Art: Adjective "The expression of creative skill"
Martial art: Plural Noun "Various skills that originated as forms of self-defense or attack"*

Left: Man has been using "martial skills" to wage warfare and survive for thousands of years.

Left: "Warrior"a pencil freehand by Elisha Bonilla.

Close Quarters Battle True combat involves an unpredictable mix of disciplines. Warriors should seek to diversify their skills, as it is impossible to predict what your aggressor's strengths and habits will be. The real event will have no rules and the key to success will lie with adapting to the situation. 
It is also foolish to ignore the world that we live in. Every few seconds a violent crime occurs, here in our own country, in our own neighborhoods, to people like us, people that could be us. Every two minutes a person is sexually assaulted, here in America. And while martial arts won't solve every dangerous situation you will ever be placed in, it will help you to be more prepared than if you were not trained. That is the key to being successful in life; being prepared.  It wasn't long ago that regular people like you and me, aboard an airliner, were forced to fight for their own lives, and for the lives of others. The responsibility to protect yourself and your family is yours alone. The police aren't going to be there until its over. They are a deterrent and a prosecuting force, but in most cases they are unable (note I didn't say unwilling) to prevent all crime everywhere. Its simple, they can't be everywhere at the same time. It is up to you to protect yourself. For those of us that are military, or law enforcement personnel, or live or work in a dangerous area, you are simply stupid if you do not train to defend yourself adapt adapt adapt!
*Source: Oxford University Press