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"Oh how nice! It's a very historic land, Babylon was there you know...try to see the Eufrates"
 -My dad reacting to news that I'll be deploying to war in Iraq.

My grandparents and their boys. That's my father top center.

My older sister Elisha back when she was a begning creature.
And so the transformation begins... Elisha in college 1996. Elisha and I are the two older kids in our family and engaged in warfare until 1994, when we were both sent away to boarding school. We've been very close ever since.

My little sister Elizabeth as of 1993. She is about four years old in the picture.
One soldier died getting this picture to you... or shall die, is probably more a more appropriate way of putting it.
Elizabeth and Elisheba. In this quadruple historic feature. Elisheba is the youngest in my family. 1997

My brothers and sisters as of 2004. From left to right Elizabeth, me, Elisheba, Jesus, Lisbeth (sis in law), and Elisha.

Brother Jesus and his wife Lisbeth. I love these guys.

My family loves animals, and everybody has the usual cats, dogs.... except for Elisheba....

...she's got a donkey...