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"No man has greater love than this, that he lay down his life for his friend" -John 13, 15

My buddies at LBA. I learned a lot from running around with these guys. They didn't help my addiction for adrenaline any. Phil is hillarious, and always up to something. Another one of my college boys. We had some great times.
JJ and Amanda. Amanda is a very close friend of mine. Everybody who is close to me knows who she is. Besides her friendship responsibilities (bugging the crap out of me), she also involuntarily serves as my "XO" and "attorney" when the army calls me to hell.
Jen, with son Mark. In California 2002.

Terri and John, with whom I've worked for a long time at CCH.
Reggie was my next door neighbor in college, which was a tragic mistake for our institution of higher learning. Our rooms were center for 24/7 activity. And the hub of all our insanities.
Here we almost max out the stereo at an ungodly hour. I now apologize for the incident(s) that took place ten minutes after this photo.
Yes he knows that's just a tennis racket.
My boy Joel... the man. We were roommates in High School and oh the stories...
Reggie in his present state. Do not let this man fool you. He is one of the brightest people I know. He and I spent many nights locked in insightful debate.

Ryan is my training buddy (war notwithstanding), and he's a good martial artist. He has a great wife and family. They are very good friends.
Dave and I went to highschool together. He later "annexed" Janelle, and now they are proud parents. They are great people.
Katie and Ty. Good old friends of mine.

Phil and I hanging out in Oakland. Such a great guy.

My bud Guille and I, visiting in PUC. I loved that place btw.