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"You're a nut" -My older sister

The source of all evil. 1978

A birthday, but I don't know which one. I say I look about 30.
At age eight.

Shortly thereafter. When we lived in VA.
"..no pictures on this site may be used for the purpuses of blackmail, extortion, or any other unlawful purpose"
At LBA 1995
Another LBA picture. 1995

I have no comment LBA 1995
With jj, graduation year at LBA... and the eternal overcoat. 1996

Hello me, this is the real me... At Union, in front of the mirror. 1997
With Reggie, early in my sophmore year at Union College. 1997

Got milk? I have no comment for this picture, because it pretty much speaks for itself... Union 1998

With Grandmaster Pellegrini at an ICHF semminar in California. 2001

At Frontsight, taking a rifle course. I didn't know at the time that a year and a half later, I would be doing it for real in another desert. Frontsight 2001

Training up at Ft. Ord, CA. 2002
Playing around with the digital camera in CA prior to shipping out to Ft. Bragg. 2003

Shortly before I shipped out for Basic we took school pictures at SDA.

I thought that I looked like a warrior in this uniform. Serves me right... I wore that uniform STRAIGHT, no exceptions... for the next eight months.
At Bragg, right after getting to my unit. Before I knew what was going on. I was in desert cammo and prepping for overseas deployment. Bragg 2003

On the ground, in Iraq. 2004

I always drive SUVs... but these.. these things are great! Infantrymen might boast of how far they walk (especially scouts), but secretly they all would rather ride.

Answering phones while driving a desk. Damn admin stuff...

Prior to a range with my "little gun". This is what I'm assigned to when I'm not frolicking with the .50 cal sniper rifle.

Left: During one of the many class As  inspections last year, prior to the latest deployment. I have never been prone to playing dress up.

Photo: Lugo


Left: The new Army Combat Uniform being issued. It is designed to blend in all environments... see? you can't even see me in the parking lot.

Making last minute calls on deployment date.