troopers over the desert

Name: Armando Pinon Aleman          

Age: 21

Base: Fort Bragg, North Carolina   

Occupation: 11Bravo (airborne)

Organization: 3-505 Parachute Infantry regiment, 82nd Airborne Division

Personal information: 

                        Currently I finished my basic and airborne training which I very much enjoyed every single minute of it.  Here I’ve seen what I am made of and what I am capable of.   There are a lot of reasons why I joined the Army, some of them are just to get away from certain people and leave the extremely boring state of Kansas. September 11 th called for many others to bare arms for this great nation and the stories I have heard from friends who were once war veterans really made me want to join an elite division.  The discipline, respect, and honor of being a paratrooper won’t just bring me satisfaction, but pride in behalf of my family.   I enjoy playing guitar and currently jumping out of a perfectly good aircraft.  Metallica, Slayer and Disturbed are currently my favorite bands and did I mention that I hate 311. Weapons are another fascinating thing I have grown to love, and perhaps my favorite military weapon is the M4 rifle with a M203 grenade launcher on it.  The infantry kicks ass and its something I wanted to do since childhood, to those who don’t know what the infantry do in battle they basically fight on the front line taking out any enemy who threatens fellow comrades.   I won’t hesitate to kill for what’s right for my comrades and family.  My main goal here is to hopefully attend Ranger school and later on do something in law enforcement.   I like it here I love it here I finally found a home. I really don’t have much to say this is my first page on the internet I’m just figuring out how to work there sort of things. Many thanks to my friend Bonilla ………..see ya at the Drop Zone!!