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"I love him, but I want to kill him" -Girlfriend

From 1996  
     "I have lived in a variety of places like North, Central, South America, and the middle east. Living among so many cultures taught me to see the world around me with the eyes of an analyzer instead of a follower. I love all the different cultures that make up our world family and I just wish that we could actually have a chance to share with each other the richness of our cultures instead of striving continually to eliminate one another. However, I am not a person to stay idle when something is happening, and something must be done to stop it. Complacency ends where aggression begins.

    I am a very deep person. I am by nature a writer and composer. I love nature and the elements. Sure, I love to have fun and be noisy and funny, but no matter how much fun and thrills you have, there is nothing like tranquility.  I love wisdom and knowledge. I love music and the arts. They are the expression of man's soul and there is no better insight to the heart of man but through them. I love my friends and people in general. I have spent countless hours studying psychology and what I like to call interpersonal sociology.
    People intrigue me. I am not a superficial person, just like many of you are not either. I love deep people because they see the world with the eyes of an admirer. It's easy to pass the dawn on our way to class or work without thinking twice about that breath taking moment that will never again pass before our eyes. That the configuration of color spread aimlessly about in the void of the peaceful skies changes with every second that goes by, and offers something that you will never see again. As humans, we tend to be very superficial people. We tend to live in eternal routines of the same things over and over again. We get up every morning and throw our stuff together to get somewhere on time and then we rush home and rush somewhere else without noticing that we grow old and weak and, many times without noticing that we die. It is sad to think that we spend so much of our lives accomplishing something that we never have the time to enjoy. I am not the exemption. A word of advice: If you think that your life is just stress and nothing else, set some time aside to enjoy it. You only live once, and die once, so enjoy it for once.
    I also have a very strong side. I have been on my own ever since I was at fifteen. Thousands of miles of separation from my family has been hard, but it has also created a fighting spirit inside me to take on a task and succeed. I'm thankful for the onslaught of college bills, medical bills, government regulations, and separation from my family for it has taught me independence and perseverance. I remember times of solitude forcing me to swear to myself "I will not give up. It is not over" although there was no possible way to deal with things. It is something that as been a constant part of my life for four years now. I remember not knowing how in the world I was going to pay for college next year or how I was going to work. It's all tough but its created a lot of fighting spirit. Lately that spirit is being challenged yet again. Dream, but it is not by dreaming alone that you will live your dreams. (Adapted from "about me" 1996)

From 2002
     Most people are familiar with only one side of my personality. There are people out there that know me only as a hard charging, all business no play kind of guy. But I can also be quite the charmer and quite the good sense of humor kind of guy. I believe that a balanced personality is important, and having fun is very important, but when it is time to buckle down and get to work then there is no fooling around. I am extremely driven, and I will work for years on end to get what I want. I want no harm to come to anyone, regardless of who they are, but I will not hesitate to defend my country, myself or those I love from "bullies" who would use force against the weak or the innocent. (Adapted from "about me" page 2002)