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Left: The New River. One of West Virginia's premier white water rafting rivers, as seen from a thousand feet above.


Overheard this month:
"Can we jump out?" -Rod while about to enter class V rapids where professional river athletes die every year.

"I don't want to go over the waterfall..." -Twinkie for the 50th time as we approach Sweets Falls on the second day.

"SHAZAAAM!" -An adrenalin, infested Luke goes Dave Chappelle as we enter the second Class V rapid on day one.

"I'll see if I stay in the raft this time" -Former raft guide and now Scout team member Sammy, our only hope of life on the river, reassures us right before the second run over Sweets Falls.

I love quotes. Quotes can capture the moment in a very simple phrase. Some of history's most memorable moments have been captured in an impromptu, unrehearsed expression that summarized everything that was happening.President Yeager

"My fellow Americans. This is a case of pure bishop!"