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"No enemy threat expected" -out of an op-order.


  1. "Stay in place"
  2. "Look what I found!"
  3. "Are you sure this is the place?"
  4. "I think we've been going the wrong way for a few hours"
  5. "What is that you're standing on?"
  6. "There might be a little rain tonight"
  7. "You guys are not going to like this but..."
  8. "Hey, did you just see a flash?"
  9. "I'm taking the radio"
  10. "Sargent there is something I think you should know..."
  11. "It's usually not this quiet about now..."
  12. "I'm going to take the lead..."
  13. "I'm going to try to make this as painless as possible"
  14. "I think I lost my..."
  15. "You might have to walk a little further tonight..."
  16. "No change to enemy situation..."