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I've missed you in the desert sunrise
of yet another desert day
as my boots hit the swirling dust
my thoughts are far away

I remember to forget you in the morning
but you are already there
I justify your absence pouring,
from my heart, just like the rain

Still I hate myself yet again
for the only thing that control I cannot
I miss you as always in vain
Because I'm the one you forgot

Your words are now empty
hanging on empty space
is this just another casualty
the price to pay for faith?

And cold falls the rain to answer me
subduing the dust in silence
freezing in its cold cadence
let it be, let it be
EB 2003

The man that himself surrenders
to save another’s life
and hates not contenders
as they threaten with a knife
A man who lives in inner peace
respects, but never fears
a man who's work will cease
to tend to a child's tears
A man who of himself speaks little
and boasts even less
who'd  rather stand and fall
than not stand at all
A man that will not live in the middle
but would rather stand on the wall
keeping careful watch
over the ones that must crawl
A man who is skillful
in the craft of war
but avoids the simplest conflicts
whether near or far
A man who hates war
but prepares during peace
and will need little warning
for his skills to release
A man who is humble
never too proud to learn
And even though he might stumble
he would get up again
And even though I can never be
truly a man such as this
This will always be the standard for me
To be a man such as this
EB 2003

I still see her smile,
every single day
in the playful sand,
in the hardened clay
I hear her whisper
in the desert wind
as it blows in my face
with it's cold sting
I feel her touch
in the shivering rain
I feel her more
She keeps me sane
Happy to have loved you
the memory still,
warms my body,
when the night chills
I will never love you
like I love you now
in  my tired boots
with me somehow
The desert awaits
I must not be late
another date
with mother fate
we will not love  forever
nor forever will last these days
but the desert will still remember
your invisible embrace
EB 2003

May the fires of the land
over whose fury I tread
see the shaking, steady hand
as it readies the jacketed lead
And I'm no hero for trying
where others have been felled before
Over this their hallowed ground
you will see us walk once more
The lead screams through the night
and the mortars give their report
I saw a flash of a bright light
The ground is our comfort
Today here a man falls
slain by an unseen device
that would have finished us all
had he not paid the price
I pray that when it comes my time
That I go with half the courage of that man
That I go down while holding the line
Ensuring this wall of freedom will stand.
EB 2004