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"I talked to your platoon sergeant. He said you would do well here"
-My scout platoon sergeant.

   The following are quotes about me, that I've collected over the years. Some I wasn't suppose to hear, some were meant to be insults, others were made by people that really didn't know me. To me, they are all amusing. I keep them around so that I can read them and laugh some more. If you know me, they will be very amusing because they all contain a grain of truth. In the same spirit, don't believe everything. There is some ugly stuff in here. My responses (if any) are in red. I like laughing at myself. There's probably something wrong with that, but I'm just not big on pride.

“You are all right in the head in so many ways... I think you need help”
                -High School counselor
Like what is that supposed to mean? Thanks shrink, I'm a better person now.

“Gentle wisdom, extreme action”
                -Acquaintance after 5 minutes of reading my old website.
Misled action would probably be more appropriate.

“...oh you just don't know... he can be... complicated...”
                -Close friend to a mutual acquaintance
I don't know if that is good or bad.. I think it's bad.          

“Don't say anything, because by the time we're done. You will be making a lot of sense, but I wont even know what we were talking about”
And I thought those were productive discussions.

"You can talk to him about anything, literally regardless of how demented, sick, or personal, and it won't rattle him a bit. He's a great listener... if you want to make him talk, ask him to teach you something, if you want him to shut up ask him to talk about himself..."
                -Very close friend
Where do I attach these puppet strings?

“God what a strange boy”
                -Best friend
Oh if I could only say things about her...

“You're retarded”
It's in the genes.

“(whining) eeeeeelaaaaiiiii”
My ears still bleed...

“He is incapable of love”
Now that is mean...

“...motivated, resourceful, perseverant... irritating”
It was going well, until the end...

What the hell?

“likes to learn... but bores easily”
I can't argue that at all.

“...I think you are a little more cunning than that. I think you control exactly how close, somebody gets to you...”
                -Teacher during counseling
I still don't get his point.

“...can talk to you about hours without really telling you anything..”

“Technologically sophisticated, socially challenged”... [and upon further prodding] ...”he does have a lot of friends, but they don't know him very well”
These people I call my friends.

“...is always plotting, and will end up with some kind of crisis...”
In all fairness I don't think that one is fair.

“....you’re smart... you are going to end up in a mental institution”
                -very dear friend
We were doing great until the mental institution part at the END!

“He thinks too much”
You whine too much.

“He's a good fighter, but he avoids it at all costs. I can't get him to compete... said he doesn't need the medal”
I'll never be good enough for any medal.

“He's like a son to me.... (thoughtful pause) ...son of a bitch”
                -Very dear friend and instructor
This is why I keep these quotes around... priceless!

“This guy looks mean”
                -Processing Army NCO
Mean? They were the ones yelling!

“...I wouldn't ever date him. Can't keep track of what he's thinking. He'll fit in at a formal event one second, charming and polite, even knows which fork to use, an hour later he's muddy sitting on a horse and wanting you to get on. It's insane.”
If it makes you feel better, I would never date me either. Nor do I recommend dating me to anybody.

"..He's wearing a suit? with a tie? I got to see this..."
                  -A friend at a wedding
I hate dressing up, and expensive crap hanging off me. Maybe I'm just not vain enough.

"...oh no you don't, move along... not that one... (looking around) ... or any of his friends."
                -A very good friend discovers that her visiting sister has sat at our table.
Much to our amusement.

"I didn't know he was... like that, I just thought he was a funny guy..."
                -My doctor stops by in the middle of training.
He ended up training with us.

"Oh my God, don't be stubborn son"
                -My mom
Sorry mom.

"Tough on the outside, but just a sweetie on the inside. You just have to get through the crust... that is hundreds of miles deep and laced with barb wire"
                -Sisterly advice for a girlfriend... that didn't last the week (probably should have dated the sister)
...and topped off with caramel

"He doesn't sleep, doesn't eat, and works all the time. He's the antichrist"
                -A coworker to my girlfriend after inspecting my food cabinet and finding nothing.
I cook ramen... lots and lots of ramen.

"He doesn't celebrate holidays, even his own birthday, that's just not... normal."
                -Former boss
But I always got the raise didn't I? People always get stuck on this. Just ask me why, and I'll tell you.

"He's been through a lot in his life, so he's always thinking. Watch his eyes, and you will see"
                -My roomate half asleep to another classmate.
You are freaking me out man.

“...can be romantic as hell, or ruin a romantic moment to hell if he wants to...”
What she's talking about - Me (in a romantic moment): "Your eyes are so beautiful... (pause) ... actually I lied..."

“...self centered, manipulative bastard” (and five minutes later) “he's a good guy”
Not right.

“Friendly, but you should always knows where the door is”
So what you're saying is... you like me?

“Turns complicated issues into simple things, and simple things into quagmires”
I have meticulous planning for every conceivable event... that goes to hell as soon as it all starts...

“Very deep person, very spiritual, but you'd never know it”
The best one yet. And the way these things should be.

“...gives me the creeps”

“Is self entertained”
I'm going to go ahead and take that as a compliment.

“I swear to you, I've seen him change his entire life in five minutes, and then spend years trying to get things back the way they were"
Not true! Ok, maybe a little...

"I don't complain, I don't whine, I'm fine, I don't want R&R, I don't need R&R. I didn't come here for R&R. I don't have combat stress. I want to go out..."
"I don't want to hear it. You're going on R&R... period"
                -With my boss
I never did go on R&R...

“Bob (referring to me) is bulletproof”
                -One of my boys
  Um this as I lay as a heat casualty down and out in the field during ITC, thanks guys.