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"There are three rules to combat;
 know your enemy,
know yourself,
                                            know your weapon" -Old martial arts saying

GunmanDo you even know how that gun works?... he does.
Weapon: "a thing designed or used for inflicting bodily harm or physical damage."

Whether you own a gun or not, you might have to defend yourself against one. As a matter of fact, most violent crime occurrs with only one party having a weapon. Which party would you be? Note that the definition didn't say "firearm" or "gun". Almost any object can be used as a weapon. Regardless of the laws in your state, criminals will always have weapons. Learning how these weapons work, and how to defend yourself against them should be a training priority.
Most martial artist focus on unarmed combat. Whereas all this is important to have in one's arsenal, it is important to know the safe and effective operation of weapons. The reason, is self evident. They exist, and you are very likely to encounter one in the event of combat. Say for example firearms. Most of us martial artist do have some background in gun "take-aways", that is disarming an opponent wielding a firearm at close range. But few martial artist actually make it a point to learn to operate a firearm as part of their martial arts training. This is at best foolish, and at worse dangerous. Violent crime usually comes accompanied by blades and guns. It is not enough to be physically able to disarm your opponent, but also be able to understand that weapon, its capabilities and limitations should you have to use it to further defend yourself, or should you be targeted by that weapon. Just because you took a gun away from an assailant does not mean that he is down and out, say he produces a knife? say he comes after you again? now you have a gun, but trained alert police officers with guns die every year in the same scenario. Are you prepared? When somebody comes into your house at night they are not going to be carrying a popsicle stick. You'd better be prepared. For those of us carry a gun for a living, how prepared are we to actually employ such weapon in low light and under extreme duress? (and trust me it will be extreme!).
Empty Hand
Yaeger the caveman                                                

Primitive man used whatever was available to him for both work and self defense.