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We met Yeager while on combat patrol. He was one of a few puppies running around a local police compound that we support. He stuck his head in everything. We snapped a few pictures of him and his brothers while we were there. At the same time we were brainstorming ideas for a "mascot" for the website. Something friendly, but ornery.
We had started work with Perry the pineapple, who went through several names, but we were actually taking him on patrol and the sun ruined the black marker shades. Haji the terrorist was a bad idea to start with. Private Teddy Bear was a little bit too childish and kind of dead, even after the CPR that we gave him. He's also back in the rear (home) shamming. Although a hot chick was considered as the mascot, ok begged by fellow squad memembers, it didn't go along with the theme of the site. Neither does a puppy overtly, but he is  in Iraq and has been in combat.
His character is supposed to be young, and therefore "knowledgeable" kind of like my rto. But he is often helpful. Some of the quotes were written about me by my buddies, who like to attack me. Overall he is a self-conceived smartass... isn't everybody?
He is named after my boss' dog, after a contested debate that lasted days. Some people wanted to name him cuddles, fifi, or pastrami.
Yeager in the wild!

Waiting for attention from Sleepy. He was young,
had hit rock bottom, and needed the crackers.

Today's class is on the powernap... it's hands on...

Yeager with girlfriend Sasha...

Maye not...

The picture that got him the job...

Hot babes that he insisted we post.